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Texas Apostille Services

Step 1

We only need three things from you to start the apostille bill of sale service process.

First, mail us or drop off at our office your original bill of sale (it cannot be a photocopy) that have been properly notarized by a Texas notary public (you cannot use a notary public from any other state or country).

Apostille Texas can also provide you with a traveling notary public that can be sent out to your home, business, office, or hotel to notarize any type of legal documents if you live, work, or visiting the Austin, TX metro area.

Please call or email us to let us know in what zip code you need a mobile notary public to travel to and how many documents you need notarized to obtain a quote from us.

The Texas Secretary of State office will reject any non-recordable document (bill of sale) if the notarization was not completed by a Texas notary public.

The affiant’s signature (the person or people who signed said document in front of a Texas notary public) on the document must be the original. Meaning the signature on the document that the Texas notary witnessed cannot be a copied, electronic, or automated autopen type signature. 

The Secretary of State in Texas will reject your document if an original signature was not used on your documents.

A Texas authentications unit staffer will use a magnifying glass and/or a smudge test to verify that all non-recordable documents presented to them used original signatures. So don’t think you can sneak this past them.

The below Texas Secretary of State approved notary jurat and acknowledgment verbiage (only choose one to place on your documents) must be written on your bill of sale that you want to receive a Texas apostille certificate or Texas authentication certificate on.

Either you, an attorney, or a Texas notary public can copy/paste this below notary jurat or acknowledgment verbiage onto a blank Microsoft Word document (DO NOT print this whole webpage out as is and get it notarized) and attach it to your bill of sale or simply handwrite (print NOT cursive) this state-required notary jurat (first one) or notary acknowledgment (second one) verbiage onto your bill of sale.

State of Texas
County of
Sworn to and subscribed before me on the day of (month) (year),
by (bill of sale signer).

Texas notary public signature


State of Texas
County of
Before me, (notary public name), on this day personally
appeared (bill of sale signer), known to me or proved to me on the basis of
satisfactory evidence to be the person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing instrument and acknowledged
to me that he executed the same of the purposes and consideration therein expressed.

Given under my hand and seal of office this day of (month), and (year).

Texas notary public signature

The above notary jurat and notary acknowledgment verbiage must be written in all English on your documents. The actual bill of sale content can be in any non-English language (say you got it translated) but the entire notary acknowledgment or notary jurat text cannot be in a different or translated language other than English. 

If the notary jurat or notary acknowledgment verbiage that is used on your bill of sale is not 100% in English your document will be rejected by the State of Texas.

A Texas notary public can also attach a separate piece of paper to your bill of sale so they can add the proper notary acknowledgment or jurat text, date of the notarization, notary stamp, and notary signature.

This last option is in case your bill of sale doesn’t have enough room on the front side of it or if you don’t want to add this notary information on the backside of your documents for some reason. 

Step 2

Second email, mail, or drop off at our office a prepaid FedEx or UPS return shipping envelope/label that you can create and purchase online at FedEx.com or UPS.com without needing to create or have an existing account set up with them. You can also visit any UPS Store or FedEx Office location to purchase a prepaid shipping label as well. 

Yes, you can use the United States Postal Service but we highly recommend that you don’t because they lose things constantly (potentially your bill of sale) and are completely unreliable and slow.

The reason we require a prepaid return shipping envelope/label is so we can mail your documents back to you or to wherever and whomever in the world that you want your documents shipped to. 

If it’s an international shipment (USA to another foreign country) please also provide us with a invoice that shipping companies (FedEx, UPS, USPS) sometimes will require you to include whenever you ship documents or packages internationally to certain countries. If you or someone on your behalf will be returning to our office the following business day to pick up your apostilled or authenticated documents you of course won’t need to provide us with a shipping label.

For the fastest possible turnaround time, we can hand deliver your documents right to your home, office, business or hotel the very same day that we apostilled or authenticated them for an additional courier fee. The courier cost will depend on what city and zip code in Texas you need us to travel to. This is for situations where you don’t have the time to travel back to our office to pick your documents up or you don’t want your documents mailed anywhere.

                                                                                On the prepaid return shipping label
                                                                                  that you provide us you can list the
                                                                                    from senders mailing address as:

Apostille Texas
108 Wild Basin Rd S, Ste 250
Austin, TX 78746

Step 3

Third, you will need to download, sign, and email, mail, or drop off at our office our rush Texas apostille service order form that can be instantly downloaded by clicking on the Texas apostille order form button below.

If you will be dropping your documents off at our Austin, Texas office location in person you must bring this completed Texas apostille order form in with you along with any documents that you want us to rush apostille or authenticate for you or for your company.

When you arrive at our office walk up to our front lobby receptionist desk area and tell them that you have some documents to dropoff for Apostille Texas. Detailed directions and pictures of our office and office building are on our contact us page as well for you to view.

Please also understand your documents will not and cannot be apostilled or authenticated onsite at our office so this isn’t walk-in service.

The only legal and government entity in Texas that can issue apostille and authentication certificates is the Texas Secretary of State office in Austin, TX which is where we will rush file your bill of sale at on your behalf.

We must receive your bill of sale documents by mail or dropped off at our office by noon CST Monday-Friday (excluding all bank and government holidays) to be able to provide you with same day Texas apostille services. If we receive your bill of sale document after that cutoff time don’t worry we’ll simply attempt to file it on the next business day. 

Lastly, we do not have these Texas apostille order forms available at our front desk receptionist area.

So if you choose to drop your documents off at our office please make sure to print out and bring this Texas apostille order form in with you or alternatively you can email us the completed Texas apostille order form ahead of time. 

Texas Apostille Order Form