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  • We can apostille documents for every country.
  • Live phone and email support.
  • We can Texas apostille or authenticate any type of legal document.

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  • We can federal apostille or authenticate any type of legal document.

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    every country.
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Why Choose
Apostille Texas?



Apostille Texas is available by phone and email customer support seven days a week to help answer and address any apostille requirements, application process questions, rules, regulations, qualifications, laws, and concerns that you may have about apostilling documents, authenticating documents, attesting documents, and legalizing international personal, business, commercial, or corporate legal documents.

Think of us as your very own personal US authentication services document concierge courier company that is at your beck and call 24/7. We even have a massive database of thousands of glossary terms and definitions to help educate you on the international documents industry.

Our King Kong sized international apostille services frequently asked questions (FAQ) database of hundreds of USA apostille, authentication, attestation, notarization, embassy, consulate legalization, and consul legalization process questions and answers is by far the largest in the known galaxy within the international foreign state jurisdiction document certification services process and legal delivery services industries.

Then head on over to our blog and testimonials pages that has tons of how to get apostille assistance information, stories, and dozens of reviews that Apostille Texas has obtained over the last decade from our happy worldwide customers.



Apostille Texas provides individuals, small businesses, national, transnational, and multinational corporations the quickest national apostillization, fast document authentication, attestation, and legalization document mail-in service and walk in service turnaround times possible in the world.

Same day Texas apostille process services you say? Yep, we offer the fastest (and least expensive) way to order an apostille on documents in Texas.

How fast you ask? Faster than your dog pouncing on a scrap of meat that hits the floor once it falls off your plate fast. For the Texas Secretary of State (same business day for the Authentications Unit or 24 hours for the Corporations Section department) if we receive your apostilla de documentos via our mail in service by noon CST),

US Department of State (after your legal documents are quickly filed by Apostille Texas it will take the United States Department of State Office of Authentications several weeks to issue you a federal apostille or federal authentication certificate validation on your documents) and any U.S foreign Embassy, Consulate, Consul, Diplomatic Mission, or Consular Affairs offices (varies depending on the foreign countries document legalization services processing times but most take between 1-3 weeks once we hand file your legal documents in person at any foreign embassy or consulate) that is located in Washington D.C.



The more legal documents that you need rapidly apostilled, authenticated, attested, or legalized at the same time the less expensive and cost effective it is for you and your company.

Unlike most of our national apostille document walk-in service competitors that don’t discount their per apostilled document pricing at all.

Apostille Texas slashes our apostille document services pricing almost in half after the first document that we expedite file for you on any same time filed document order.

That means if you need just two or more documents authenticated or apostilled at the Texas Secretary of State in Austin (TXSOS) level, or at the federal level (US State Department) in Washington, DC the cost is almost half of what the price of the first expedited services document is.

We never play annoying sales games with you or hide our USA Department of State, Texas Secretary of State or foreign embassy consulate service prices from you like most other apostille Washington, D.C document companies do.

These apostille of document companies do these cheap tactics on purpose to force you to call or email them (wastes your valuable time) so they can pitch you and size up how much money they can extort (we mean charge) from you. 

When all you want is a best price estimate and price quote on what the total cost will be to hire a document messenger services company to apostille, authenticate and/or legalize your documents.

Apostille Texas on the other hand shows you our simple flat fee state (Texas), federal (USDOS), and international apostille (embassy) expedited document filing pricing on this massive website and in multiple places no less.

Plus, all our expedited apostille services prices and rush turnaround times (TAT) are also clearly listed on our apostille for Texas order forms which can be instantly downloaded and seen by you on this website.



Apostille Texas can United States apostille, authenticate, attest, or legalize any type of personal, business, or corporate documents for any foreign country in the world no matter where your company is headquarted at or where you currently live in Texas, the United States, or globally around the world.

If you currently or legally live in Mexico, India, Japan, England, Germany, Spain, South Korea (Republic of Korea) Portugal, France, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Russia, Poland, China, Canada, Qatar, Ecuador, Panama, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Nigeria, or Dallas, Fort Worth (Ft Worth), El Paso, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Abilene, Amarillo, Odessa, Midland, Houston, Arlington, Plano, Irving, Coppell, Beaumont, Brownsville, Grand Prairie, Lubbock, Garland, McAllen, Mesquite, Round Rock, Allen, San Angelo, Tyler, Sugarland, Katy, The Woodlands, Conroe, Addison, Pearland, Richardson, Grapevine, Carrollton, Lewisville, College Station, Wichita Falls, League City, Denton, Waco, Killeen, Rowlett, Pasadena, McKinney, or Frisco, Texas you don’t have to waste an entire day, half a day, or even a couple of days of your life to drive or fly all the way to Austin, TX and/or Washington D.C and spend several hundred to thousands of dollars in travel and lost time costs.



You get to decide what shipping courier services company (FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS) you want to use to send your legal documents to us.

You get to decide what shipping couriers service (FedEx, UPS Store, DHL, USPS) we use to send your Texas certified documents, federal certified documents, or embassy legalized documents back to you.

You get to decide how fast you want Apostille Texas to get a document certified for you or your company at the state, federal, and international document levels. 

You get to decide where in the world you want us to mail your apostilled, authenticated, or foreign document legalization documents back to.

You get to decide if you want to pay Apostille Texas with a major credit card, debit card, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. 

No one size fits all cookie cutter options with Apostille Texas.



Unlike every national apostille services company or apostille courier companies that advertises online about obtaining an apostille stamp, apostille seal, and authenticate documents in all fifty U.S states for people and corporations.

Apostille Texas doesn’t outsource the apostille stamp services of your original and private documents to random untrained and unvetted strangers and mercenary Texas apostille couriers in Austin contractors.

Then as nothing more than a paper pushing middlemen (sometimes even scam artists) these order apostille online service companies drastically mark up the fees (you’ll see on our apostille nearby me competitor’s page that apostille service company’s charge anywhere from two to almost seven times more per document then what Apostille Texas charges and their turnaround times to get your documents certified are anywhere from two to twenty one times slower than ours.

We kid you not!

But don’t take our word on this because talk is cheap in this day and age especially online.

Go check out our apostille competitor’s page for yourself where we compare thirteen other expedited apostille near me company prices and turnaround times to ours as well as provide you with each of these apostille companies website URLs.

A completely transparent tacos to tacos comparison (tacos are way better then apples) and we think you’ll be stunned and shocked as we were after all of the extensive apostille services USA industry research we did for you.

Apostille Texas’s experienced and the State of Texas criminal background checked legal services staff only provides apostille request services and authenticate seal documents for Texas state (not the other 49 U.S states) where our company and the lone Texas Secretary of State office near me is located at.

We also provide urgent express apostille federal documents services at the federal governments authority level (U.S Department of State), and at the foreign U.S embassy, consular, and consulate levels in Washington DC for non-1961 Hague Convention Conference Member Treaty countries and for Hague apostille member countries (HCCH) where we have a satellite office.

Free Review

Free Review

Please feel free to scan or take a photo of your documents or ID copies and then email them to us when you want to request a free document evaluation and how to apostille process documents review from us.

Our free document review service can only be done before you place an order with us and by email only. You cannot mail your documents to us for a free document review. 

If you mail any documents to us along with our order form that will be considered an order placement with us.

We’ll then move forward with rush filing those documents with the State of Texas and with the signed permission you gave us on order form we’ll charge your credit card.

Once Apostille Texas receives your document or ID copy scans by email we’ll review them within a few hours during our normal business hours.

We’ll give you our honest international document filing expert opinion if we think your legal documents and signatures will be accepted for a apostille notary or rejected by all the different government entities.

We also leverage our decade long relationships that we’ve nurtured and developed with various state apostille and US Department of State apostille employees at all the various government agencies and foreign embassies.

Usually we can obtain answers to your time sensitive international document verification questions or have them look at your scanned or documents photos that you email us within a few hours or the next business day.

Compare that to waiting several days, weeks or never getting a reply back at all from a government agency if you unwisely chose to contact them directly on your own.

Once our document review is done we’ll give you detailed instructions about what you’ll need to do next before you mail your documents to us to rush services file on your behalf.

As part of our VIP customer service we’ll take a photo of your Texas or federal apostille or authentication certificates or US authentication of documents certificates and email you a photo of them before we mail your documents back to you with the prepaid return shipping label or envelope that you provide us.

That way you’ll know instantly that Apostille Texas has apostilled, authenticated, or legalized all your important legal documents in the time frame that you paid for.

We call this extra put your mind at ease service the P.O.D – Proof of Documentation.



Apostille Texas can same day rush apostille for document and authentication for document walk through service file all your requested city, county, and State of Texas government originated legal documentation.

Please note that the State of Texas apostille office will only accept and issue apostille and document authentication certifications on original Texas recordable and certified documents.

This means no documented photocopies, copied, or certified Texas notary public copies are allowed nor are public documents that originated from other Hague apostille countries, notarizations made from U.S military and armed forces notaries (documents with a United States Armed Forces notary stamp on them can only receive an apostille and authentication certificate from the USDOS not TXSOS), or U.S.A states other then Texas.

Recordable documents are local documents that are officially recorded and issued from a governmental Texas state agency like a local city, county, or state-issued registrar’s office.

Such governmental agencies and institutions as the Texas Secretary of State’s office, a Texas court of law, a Texas county clerk of court, Texas district judges, Texas Department of Public Safety (TXDPS), Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT), Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), Texas Education Agency (TEA), Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs (TDHCA), Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) or the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics (Texas Vital Records).

Recordable documents are legal documents such as raised seal Texas birth certificates, Texas birth verification letters, stamped Texas death certificates, Texas death verification letters, Texas divorce decrees, Texas divorce certificates, Texas divorce verification letters, Texas marriage licenses, Texas marriage verification letters, Texas marriage certificates, certified copy of Texas judgments liens, Texas cremation certificates, Texas probated Wills, certified Texas criminal history records reports, and certified Texas vehicle history reports and records.

Please note that the TX Sec of State websites states, “Originals and/or certified copies submitted for authentication must have been issued within the past five years.”

What this means is when you need apostille services in Texas for a recordable document (Texas birth certificates, Texas death certificates, Texas divorce decrees, Texas marriage licenses, etc.) it should be issued from a Texas city, county or registrars office within the last five years to guarantee that the Secretary of State of Texas can find the Texas public official that signed your recordable document in their state database.

The reason why we say “should” is because most of our customers don’t have an original Texas recordable document that was issued in the past five years.

As you can imagine most our customers don’t want the added hassle, time, stress, and cost that it will take for them to apostille birth certificates, apostille death certificates, apostille marriage licenses, apostille divorce decrees, apostille diplomas, apostille transcripts, apostille criminal records background checks, and apostille translations if they have to order a new set of recordable records from a county or state entity.

Instead people like you end up mailing us their older than five years recordable documents and roll the apostille in Texas document dice while hoping for the best.

Apostille Texas then attempts to file the older than five years recordable document and if the Texas Secretary of State still finds the registrar public official in their records database they will issue a State of Texas apostille certificate or an authentication certificate on said document.

But if the Texas Secretary of State office doesn’t find the public registrars name that is listed on your older than five years recordable document in their vital records database your document will get rejected (if this happens we always email you a copy of the official rejection letter that they give us the same day).

Once your recordable document has been officially rejected by the Texas Sec of State you will have no other choice then to order a newly issued recordable document from the Texas county of where the event (birth, death, marriage, divorce) happened or directly from Texas Vital Statistics.

Note it’s way faster to go through a Texas county office to order vital records and we highly recommend you don’t go through Texas Vital Records office as they normally take three to twelve months or longer to process vital record applications.

Then once you obtain the new Texas certified copy of your recordable document you will have to mail it to Apostille Texas again. Then pay us a second time to reattempt to file your documents again.

Apostille Texas can rush apostilles and authenticates any type of non-recordable Texas certified copies of documents (all non-recordable statutory documents must have a Texas notarial act on them) and the Secretary of State Corporations Section form 2102 documents such as a Texas high schools, grade schools, middle-schools, elementary schools, or Texas colleges and universities diplomas, enrollment verification letters, degrees, syllabus, transcripts, certificate of attendance, grade report cards, annulments, GED, and attendance school records (please note any type of Texas school records must be properly signed and/or notarized by a school admin official or a school registrar official), university teaching or teacher certificates, academic, citizenship, and professional credentials, certificates of authenticity, powers of attorneys, trusts, wills (non-probated), warrants, extraditions, Texas criminal history search, treaties, identification photocopies (driver’s licenses, permanent resident cards (Green Card), global entry cards, employment authorization cards, work abroad, employment verification services, letter of employment, verify employment histories, Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product, I9 forms, court orders, military public notary, JAG (Judge Advocate General) and Office of Protocol, Department of Defense (DOD) and Geneva Convention Identification cards also called Common Access Cards, work visa applications, conceal carry and concealed firearm, passports, passport cards, passport photos, passport renewals, passport forms, NEXUS and SENTRI cards, state identification (ID) card, social security cards), Certificate of Incumbency, consular report of birth abroad (CRBA), home study courses and completion certifications, lawsuits and clauses, car, truck, motorcycle, automobile, and motor vehicle title histories, vehicle title registrations, and car titles, health and safety guidelines, codes, regulations, and manuals, registered service provider terms and conditions, divorce settlements, divorce papers, and judgments, cremation certificates, burial and bury a family member documentation, US Tax Residency Certificate Form 6166, TESOL and TEFL certifications, study abroad and educational overseas programs, wedding certificates, single status affidavits, Record Certificate of No Marriage, Negative Statement of Marriage, Certificate of No Impediment, Record of No Marriage Letter, No Marital Status Certificate, Certificate of No Record of Marriage, Single Status Statement, board resolutions, deeds of assignment, utility bills, shipping containers, boats, cruise ships, boil and pressure vessels, rail freight, freight liners, maritime, cargo, and train recording logbooks, immigrant, immigration, diplomatic or diplomacy documents, energy, natural gas, oil, petroleum, mining, drilling, and excavating documents, foreign language translation company, translated, translators, and translation of documents, bank, credit union, stock brokerage, and credit card statements, fingerprinting cards, crime records lookup, criminal history database, and criminal history file, sex offender registration, name based files, and Texas conviction database searches, insurance policies, company brochures, letterhead, photographs, business cards, appointment of agents, business agreements, invoices, depositions, declarations, Certification of Nonexistence of Record, professional, trade, and business licenses and certifications, trade partnership agreements, bill of sales, custodian of records, contracts, affidavits, clinical, emergency, or medical records, hospital or doctor records, police records, sheriff records, petition for name change, human resource (HR), moving, and hiring employees and relocating and relocation documents, Internal Revenue Service (IRS), tax returns, taxes, 1099, W2, accounting, vaccination, and driving records, real estate, military, adoption dossiers, authorization, travel abroad applicant trip itinerary’s, minor child international travel consent letters, travel visas, tourist visas, travel documents, traveler authorization letters and forms, or legal verification letters, law enforcement criminal background checks, Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI criminal history background checks (please note when you need a FBI apostille background checks you don’t have to mail it to us you just have to email us the PDF of the federal criminal background check that they give you so we can apostille FBI the report), EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), organization structures, board meeting minutes, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) documents, Certificates of Fact, Certificates of Existence, Plan of Conversion, Certificate of Conversion, Certificates of Limited Partnership, non-disclosure agreements, income verification, Articles of Dissolution, Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Certificates of Merger, Certificate of Naturalization documents and naturalization papers, architectural, mechanical, engineering, and building construction drawings, designs, mockups, blueprints, renderings, sketches, 3D and CAD visualizations, animations, and illustrations, Certificate of US Citizenship, Assumed Name Certificates, Certificate of Existence, Certificate of Manufacture, Trademark, Copyright, and Patent Registration Application Forms, US Patent and Trademarks (USPTO), Authorization of Agent, Certificate of Authorization, open public records, operating agreements, Federal Aviation Administration Letters (FAA), Mexican Republican legal representative documents, authorities collections letters, arrest records, Certificate of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Formation, company bylaws, Certificate of Free Sale, Certificate of Authentication, Certificate of Origin, Certificate To Foreign Government (CFG), business estimation proposals, Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV), Certification of Free Sale, apostille form cover sheets, merger and acquisitions, United States Treasury form 6166 Certification of U.S. Tax Residency, US Coast Guard letters, or any other type of international document authentication services verification or a document photocopy that must be properly notarized by Texas notaries public before an Texas document apostille certification or Texas authentication certificate can be issued on it by the Texas Secretary of State Authentications Unit or any legal document delivery services can be performed by Apostille Texas on your behalf.

Be smart with your time and money and hire the fastest of the fast and bestest of the best rush Texas apostille services near me experts today.

We authentication services paperwork pinky swear promise that you won’t be sorry that you did.