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We’re available by phone and email seven days a week to help you anyway we can. Our future FAQ database of hundreds of questions with detailed answers will be the largest of its kind in the apostille documents industry.

Speed of Service

We provide individuals, businesses, and national or multi-national corporations the fastest apostille, authentication, attestation, and legalization document service turnaround times possible in the world for the Texas Secretary of State (same business day), United States Department of State (three business days) and any U.S foreign Embassy or Consulate (varies depending on the country) in Washington D.C.

Tiered Pricing Service

The more documents that you need apostilled, authenticated, attested, or legalized at the same time the less expensive it is. Unlike almost all of our apostille document service competitors that don’t discount we slash our apostille document services pricing almost in half after the first document that we apostille for you on the same order.

That means if you need two or more documents apostilled in Texas or in Washington D.C the cost is almost half of what the first document cost is.

Worldwide Service

We can apostille, authenticate, or legalize any type of personal, business, or corporate documents for any country in the world no matter where you currently live or where your company is located at in the world.

Personalized Service

You decide what shipping courier you’re going to use to send us your documents, you decide how fast you want us to file your documents, you decide where in the world you want us to mail your documents back to, you decide what shipping courier to use to send your documents back to you, and you decide if you want to pay us by any major credit card, debit card, or PayPal. No one size fits all cookie cutter options with us.

Expert Document Filing Service

Unlike every national rush apostille services company (companies that advertise online that they can apostille documents in all fifty U.S states) we don’t outsource the apostilling of your original and private documents to random untrained and unvetted strangers or companies. Then drastically mark up the price and pass that huge cost onto you.

Our highly trained and State of Texas background checked employee’s only apostille, authenticate, attest, and legalize documents for the State of Texas in Austin, TX where our company is based and at the federal and embassy or consulate levels in Washington DC where we have a satellite office.

Free Document Review Service

You can scan and email us your documents or take a photo of them with your smartphone and we’ll review them for free and then let you know if your documents can be apostilled or not. To put your mind at ease we’ll also take a photo of your Texas apostille or authentication certificate right before we mail your documents back to you and then email you the photo.

That way you’ll know right away that we have successfully apostilled or authenticated your documents. We call this extra free service the POA – Proof of Apostille.

Recordable/Non-Recordable Document Services

We can same day rush apostille and authenticate all your city, county, and State of Texas recordable documents. Recordable documents are legal documents that are recorded with some specific governmental entity, such as the Texas Secretary of State's office, a Texas court of law, a Texas county clerk, or the Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Recordable documents like a Texas birth certificates or Texas birth verification letters, Texas death certificates, Texas death verification letters or Texas cremation certificates, Texas divorce decrees, Texas divorce certificates or Texas verification letters, Texas marriage licenses, Texas marriage verification letters or Texas marriage certificates, certified copies of Texas judgments, Texas probated Wills, and Texas vehicle history reports.

We can also apostille and authenticate expedite any type of non-recordable documents such as a Texas high school, grade school, middle-school, elementary school, or Texas college and university diplomas, degrees, transcripts, grades, and attendance records, teaching or teacher certificates, power of attorneys, trusts, identification photocopies (driver’s licenses, visas, passports, social security cards), single status affidavits, utility bills, bank statements, agreements, bill of sales, contracts, affidavits, medical records, real estate, adoption, corporation and business documents, authorization, travel, or verification letters, criminal background checks, police records, Articles of Incorporation, merger and acquisitions, or any other type of legal documents that must be properly notarized by a licensed Texas notary public before an apostille or authentication certificate can be issued on it by the State of Texas.

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Death Verification Letters

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Divorce Verification Letters

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Marriage Verification Letters

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