COVID-19 Status

Apostille Texas is open and as of April 8th still performing rush Texas apostille and Texas authentications on documents for our worldwide customers.

As of March 18th the Texas Secretary of State has closed their office down completely to the general public but they’re allowing a few designated Texas apostille courier companies like ours to still do expedited Texas apostille and Texas authentication document services for our clients.

From March 26th-April 7th the Texas Secretary of State had closed down completely and this forced us temporarily out of business for twelve days.

We think the Texas Secretary of State might close down again for a week or two by the end of April or early May when Austin, TX is expected to hit the peak of the coronavirus outbreak.

Because of how unstable and unpredictable everything is right now with the state and federal governments we’re only offering same day Texas apostille and authentication document services not our slower two to four day turnaround apostille service options.

We also highly recommend that you only overnight your documents to us via FedEx or UPS and not use regular USPS to send your documents to us.

COVID-19 Status

As of March 20th, 2020 the United States Department of State in Washington, D.C has shut down their offices to the general public and all companies. They have not gave a timeline when they’ll open back up.

This means our rush three business day federal apostille and authentication document service turnaround times can no longer be offered.

If you mail you documents to us we can still get a federal apostille and authentication certificate for them but it will take a minimum of 10-12 business days until we get them back from U.S State Department.


COVID-19 Status

Most if not all U.S foreign embassies located in Washington D.C have been closed down now to the general public. They’ve also implemented new reduced hours and days that they’re available to the general public by phone and email.

Depending on the foreign embassy some are still allowing our company to rush file documents on behalf of our customers to receive expedited document legalizations and attestations.

Please let us know what country you need document legalizations and attestations for and we’ll let you know the specific foreign embassy details for that country.

Right now everything is day to day and without notice or warning since both the U.S Department of State and Texas Secretary of State buildings have already closed down completely to the general public.

We know how important getting personal or business documents apostilled, authenticated, attested, and legalized are to our clients.

Please know we’re doing everything humanely possible that we can to continue to help you and your company as fast as we can.

Thanks, be safe, and God bless.