Can I pay you extra money
to deal with mailing my
documents back to me?

No, sorry we don’t do that for legal and business liability reasons.

With every order, we require that you provide us with a prepaid return FedEx or UPS shipping label/envelope that you can email or mail to us.

We DO NOT accept air waybills.

You also can’t send us a personal or company FedEx or UPS account number to use.

You must email or mail us an actual prepaid return shipping label.

You can create and purchase a prepaid return shipping label online at or You don’t need to create an account with them nor do you need to have an existing account set up with them to create and purchase a shipping label online.

Click on the below links for step-by-step screenshot directions on how to create a prepaid FedEx or UPS shipping label online in only a few minutes online.

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