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Severable Contract

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The rule of law that if a rescuer of a person hurt or put in peril due to the negligence or intentional wrongdoing of another (the tortfeasor) is injured in the process of the rescue, the original wrongdoer is responsible in damages for the rescuer’s injury. example: sydney sparetire speeds on a mountain highway, and skids in front of victor victim, running victim’s car off the bank, trapping victim in the vehicle. raymond rightguy stops, ties a rope to the grill of his car, slides down and extricates victim, but on the way up slips and breaks his arm, and then finds the grill is badly bent. the negligent sparetire is liable to rightguy for his broken arm (including medical expenses, loss of wages and general damages for pain and suffering) as well as the property damage to the car grill.

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