What happens if the documents I
send you to file get rejected by
the Texas Secretary of State?

Sadly rejections happen way too often in our minds.

99% of the time the person or company that sent us documents made an error (they didn’t follow our detailed instructions or use our free document review service) or the notary public they used to notarize a non-recordable document didn’t notarize the documents in the proper format (again we have detailed instructions for you to give to a Texas notary public if you don’t utilize our in-house mobile notary services).

Read this FAQ to see a long list of the most common reasons why documents we attempt to file for our clients get rejected by the Texas Secretary of State’s office.

If your document does get rejected we will notify you immediately by email and then we’ll ask you if you want us to send your documents back to you with the shipping label you provided us or wait for you to resend us new or fixed documents to reattempt to apostille them.

We’ll also take a photo and email you the official rejection letter that the Texas Secretary of State issues if this ever happens. Our fee is non-refundable as it states on our order form and website, so you would have to pay us our rush apostille filing fee a second time to go back and re-file your documents please note.

That is why we go to such great lengths to explain and educate more than any other international apostille company in the world via this 6,000+ page mega website that exactly layouts what you need to do (and not do) before you send us your documents and why we will always offer FREE document review services.

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