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A right to purchase property or require another to perform upon agreed-upon terms. an option is paid for as part of a contract, but must be “exercised” in order for the property to be purchased or the performance of the other party to be required. “exercise” of an option normally requires notice and payment of the contract price. thus, a potential buyer of a tract of land might pay $5,000 for the option which gives him/her a period of time to decide if he/she wishes to purchase, tying up the property for that period, and then pay $500,000 for the property. if the time to exercise the option expires then the option terminates. the amount paid for the option itself is not refundable since the funds bought the option whether exercised or not. often an option is the right to renew a contract such as a lease, broadcasting a television series, the employment of an actor or athlete, or some other existing business relationship. a “lease-option” contract provides for a lease of property with the right to purchase the property during or upon expiration of the lease.

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