Where do I go to get
an apostille in Texas?

To apostille documents in the State of Texas, this can only be done and issued in one location and in one city and that is at the Texas Secretary of State in Austin, Texas.

An apostille in Texas cannot be issued in any other city in Texas or by any public notary, embassy, consulate, lawyer, judge, county or district clerk, accountant, or consular office.

But apostille companies like Apostille Texas can act as a document intermediary to rush file your documents at the Secretary of State in Texas for you or your company.

When you hire Apostille Texas you bypass all the governmental red tape bureaucracy of horrors and long waiting periods.

You get 7 days a week customer service, same business day turnaround service for your documents compared to waiting weeks to months with the Texas Secretary of State, and we explain and educate you on how to apostille documents in a step-by-step way with thousands of graphics and videos, and hundreds of FAQs compared to navigating the government’s nightmarish website and phone line system of tears.

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