How do I get an apostille
in San Antonio?

The short and truthful answer is you can’t.

The only place in the State of Texas (or the world) that you or your company can be issued a Texas apostille certificate or Texas authentication certificate on personal, business, or corporate documents that originated or were issued from a Texas government entity is at the Texas Secretary of State located.

When you see companies advertising online for San Antonio apostille services please understand you can’t travel anywhere in San Antonio or mail your documents to anywhere in San Antonio, and be legally issued a Texas apostille or authentication certificate.

All you are doing is mailing or dropping off your documents to a third party middle-man company who will either outsource the filing of your documents to a person or a company like ours who is actually located in Austin who will then physically walk in and file your documents at the Secretary of State Texas office.

Or worse they’ll just snail mail your documents out to the TXSOS office and tell you it will take several weeks to procure your certifications while they absurdly overcharge you for so-called, “expedited services.”

Check out our apostille competitor page where we help you compare thirteen other apostille companies to our pricing and TAT times.

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