Do I have to fly or drive to Austin, TX to
apostille or authenticate my company’s
business or corporate documents?

No, you don’t.

Unless you love the delightful never-ending stress and frustration of dealing with slow dysfunctional government entities and wasting your company’s money and your precious business time.

Or you can follow our simple 3-step process where we can rush apostille or authenticate and mail your documents back to you the very same business day that we receive them from you.

Step 1: Mail your original recordable documents or original Texas notarized non-recordable documents to us so we get them by noon CST (same-day turnaround cutoff time).

Step 2: Email or mail us a prepaid return FedEx or UPS shipping label so we can mail your documents back to you or to whomever you want.

Step 3: Complete and email or mail us our Texas apostille service order form.

That’s it.

Easy Texas peasy.

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