Will Apostille Texas ever drop
my documents off at a FedEx,
UPS, or USPS dropoff box?

No, never!

We don’t trust drop boxes at all especially not with our client’s time-sensitive private documents.

Plus, to protect our client’s documents as much as we can and to company CYA we want proof to show that we did deliver said documents to a shipping center in a timely matter.

We only physically walk into a FedEx Office, UPS Store, or other various postal centers to drop off your legal documents so we can receive a drop off confirmation tracking receipt from the shipping place. The only time we don’t get this is if you went to a UPS Store and not UPS.com to buy and create the prepaid shipping label.

When we drop your documents off at another UPS Store they won’t give us a drop-off receipt because UPS will only pay one store $1.00 to handle the transaction, not both. Hence why we highly recommend that you use FedEx not UPS because all FedEx offices are corporately owned not franchise stores like UPS.

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