Which shipping carrier do
you recommend to mail my
documents to and from you?

Hands down without a doubt, we recommend you use FedEx to mail your documents to us.

As well as use FedEx for the prepaid return shipping label/envelope that we require you to provide us so we can mail your documents back to you or to wherever and whomever in the world you want.

We have shipped out and received documents from 6/7 continents on this earth over the past dozen years.

In our experience, FedEx is by far the most reliable, professional, and easiest shipping courier to use because all FedEx Offices are corporately owned and have the ease of creating and buying a shipping label online from anywhere in the world.

Unlike UPS Stores that are franchise-owned and the USPS which is run by our incompetent trainwreck government.

It goes without saying but NEVER use the United States Postal Service (USPS) especially post-COVID to mail your documents to us or the prepaid return shipping label/envelope that you provide us. USPS loses documents all the time or documents aren’t received for WEEKS or even MONTHS later.

Remember these are your original, private, and time-sensitive legal documents so please don’t be cheap and spend the few extra bucks.

Also, you don’t need to have a FedEx Office near you nor do you need to have an existing FedEx account set up with them to purchase and create shipping labels with them online.

You can do everything online (even on your cellphone) at www.FedEx.com.

First, you click on the Shipping tab ==>

Then click on the Create a Shipment tab ==>

Then click on the create a one-time credit card shipment link ==>

Then just like ordering on Amazon/eBay, you put your to/from mailing and payment information in the required fields ==>

Then you download the PDF shipping label that is created and you can either email the PDF to us or you can print it out and mail it to us along with your documents

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