How fast will I get my
documents back from you?

That depends on many factors.

The first factor is what government levels you need to go through to rush file your personal or business documents.

They’re three different document tiers which are the state, federal and international levels.

Apostille Texas only rush files documents at the state level for the State of Texas no other states.

If we receive your documents in the mail or if you drop them off at our Austin, TX by noon CST Mon-Fri (excluding government holidays, severe weather, alien invasions, zombie attack, etc.) we will file and mail your documents back to you the same business day.

For the federal level, all documents must be filed at the United States Department of State in Washington D.C. Once we receive your documents then submit them to the U.S Department of State it is currently taking around 8-11 weeks (it was 12-13 weeks until May of 2021) for the USDOS to turn around and issue federal apostille and authentication certificates.

For the international level, documents must be filed at a U.S. foreign embassy or consulate in Washington D.C (95% of U.S foreign embassies are based in Washington DC).

Once we file your documents at the country of origin’s Embassy it will take most foreign U.S embassies 5-15 business days to issue document legalization and attestation certificates once we hand file your document in person with them.

The second factor is up to you and that is what courier company you want to use and how fast you want your documents back once we drop them off at a shipping courier company (FedEx, UPS).

If you wanted overnight return delivery (which might not be possible depending on your worldwide location) of your documents you would get your documents back the following day depending on which shipping options are available to you.

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