I already mailed my documents to
the TXSOS can you still help me?

Yes, if you made the painful mistake and already mailed your documents to the Texas Secretary of State to receive an apostille or authentication certificate but can’t wait MONTHS we can possibly still help you rush apostille or authenticate your documents.

The hard part is tracking down and finding out where your documents are within the state system.

What we have been told by the Texas Authentications Unit is they will need all of the below information to track down your mailed-in documents so they can physically give them to us in order to do same day walk-in service.

  1. The name that you put down on Apostille Form 2102 (the apostille order form) that you mailed to the state along with your documents.
  2. The phone number that you listed on Apostille form 2102.
  3. The FedEx/UPS/USPS tracking number. If you sent in your documents to the state without a tracking number the state has told us that they won’t be able to find your documents to pull out and we won’t be able to help you. 
  4. The date that your documents were delivered to the TXSOS (check online tracking info).

Once we get all of that information we can contact the state and put a trace and pull out your documents.


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