Does the page count of my documents
dictate how many apostilles or
authentication I need to get?


The page count of your document (power of attorneys, leases, agreements, contracts, divorce decrees, wills, trusts, transcripts, etc.) does not dictate how many apostilles or authenticate certificates will be issued or are needed by the Texas Secretary of State or the U.S Department of State.

You could have a 100-page document but only need or you will only get issued one apostille or authentication certificate on it. Or you could have a 10-page document and need ten apostille or authentication certificates.

The rule of thumb is if it’s legally considered a recordable document (birth certificate, death certificate, marriage license or marriage certificate, divorce decree or divorce certificate, probated will, or Texas DPS criminal background check) you can only get and you will only need one apostille or authentication certificate.

For non-recordable documents (power of attorney, single status affidavit, high school or college diplomas, degrees, records, or transcripts, agreements, leases, contracts, bill of sales, corporation bylaws, minutes to meetings, board resolutions) the rule of thumb is for every notarization on your documents you will need an apostille or authentication certificate on that page.

Almost all non-recordable documents will only need or have one notarization on them as well.

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