Do you really accept physical
gold and silver for payment?

Yes, we really do accept physical gold and silver for payment for our services or a combination of gold/silver and fiat payments.

But with a few basic stipulations of course.

Sorry, we won’t take your grandma’s good silverware (aka “junk silver”) or your grandpa’s old gold watch.

We’ll only accept minted physical gold or silver coins or bars that have the weight and purity listed on them. American, Canadian, Australian, or other country mints makes no difference.

How it works is whatever the exact silver or gold spot price is on the day (time) that you order with us you can use that spot price amount to pay us. Let’s say for easy math sake that the silver spot price on the day you order with us is $32/ounce and you need two documents apostilled in Texas.

Our credit/debit card, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or crypto price to perform our services is $160 ($95 first document + $65 for each additional document).

In silver pricing terms that would equate to 5 ounces of silver ($32/oz x 5oz = $160). Gold is much harder to break down into smaller payment amounts but we will gladly accept down to 1/10th of an ounce gold coins. 

If you would like to pay in this way please call or email us first so we can discuss the logistics.

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