Can you apostille a copy?

Yes and no.

It all depends on what type of document it is.

If it’s classified as a recordable document such as a birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate or marriage license, and divorce certificate or divorce decree then no you cannot make a copy of it nor have a notarized copy of it.

If however, you need a non-recordable document such as a photocopy of your passport, driver’s license, visa, bank statements, tax return statements, credit card statements, utility bills, contracts, bill of sales, lease agreements, social security card, social security benefits letter, veterans affairs benefits letter, or phone bill apostilled or authenticated you will need to make and sign a sworn written certified copy affidavit statement in front of a Texas notary public (no other state or countries notary).

You can highlight then copy and paste this exact certified copy affidavit verbiage (see below) onto a Microsoft Word document and along with a copy of your identification or document you can go get it notarized by any Texas notary public.

Once you’ve signed and got this certified copy affidavit notarized and made a color photocopy of your identification or verification document you can mail it or drop it off at our HQ office so we can rush apostille or authenticate it with the Texas Secretary of State.

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Certified Copy Affidavit


On this ________ day of ______________________ , 20____,
I _________________________________ (print document holder name)
swear and attest that the attached document is a true, correct, and unaltered copy of my original ____________________________________ (name of your document), to which I am the documents custodian, named therein; and that I presented the original of the attached document (s) to the undersigned notary public as satisfactory evidence.


(document holder signature)


State of Texas

County of ______________________

Sworn to and subscribed before me on the _______ day of _____________________________, 20____,
by ___________________________________ (print document holder name).


(notary public signature)



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