How fast can you get me a
federal apostille or authentication?

The current answer is it all depends on the U.S Department of State.

During pre-COVID times we were able to rush file and get our customer’s federal apostille or authenticate certificates in as little as three business days because we could physically hand file and perform walk-in service at the USDOS office in Washington D.C.

As of March 20th, 2020, the USDOS suspended all walk-in services and from that date until the start of summer in 2021, it was taking an ungodly 12-14 weeks for the USDOS to turn around and issue federal apostille and authentication certificates.

Currently, it is taking the United States Department of State an estimated 10-12 weeks (the exception is FBI background checks that are only taking 3-4 weeks now) but be warned this could change without notice at any moment.

This means we can tell you by phone, email, or you can read on this website that the USDOS is currently taking an estimated XYZ time to issue federal apostille and authentication certificates but during the filing process the turnaround time for your documents can be extended out to a much longer time frame.

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