Can you help me rush apostille a Consular Report of Birth Abroad certificate?


Apostille Texas nor any other company in the world cannot assist you with obtaining a federal apostille or authentication certificate on a Consular Report of Birth Abroad certificate.

The reason why is the U. S Department of State does not allow any third-party companies or service providers to do this for other people on this specific type of federal document.

The owner of the Consular report (you) must contact the U.S. State Department directly yourself. Then place an order request for a new certified copy of the Consular Report of Birth Abroad certificate and at the same time request that they apostille (Hague member country) or authenticate (non-Hague member country) the document for you.
Please go to the link below for instructions on how to order through the State Department directly.–citizen/replace-amend-CRBA.html


Consular Report of Birth Abroad

(U.S Consular Report of Birth Abroad)

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