What are the current 2024 U.S Foreign Embassy document filing fees?

These are the current 2024 U.S Foreign Embassy document filing fees for non-Hague Member Countries.

These fees change often and the Embassies don’t update their websites regularly so contact us to verify these fees. We do not markup the cost one single penny on any of these embassy fees please note.

These below Embassy document filing fees are not included in our stated rush document legalization service prices so please add these fees per personal or business/corporate documents when ordering.

You also cannot pay these fees or send us a check, money order, cash, or cashier’s check.

You must pay these embassy fees along with our rush document legalization service costs by any major credit or debit card, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or crypto.

*For all United Arab Emirates (UAE) documents on top of the UAE Embassy filing fee and our rush service fee please also add $27.23 more for the UAE Embassy online payment fee.

The UAE only accepts online payments so you (we) have to pay this government fee/tax to be able to legalize documents through them.

US Foreign Embassy Document Legalization Filing Fees List



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